Assistant in evil to Yakumo's biological father. Miyuki is shown as being physically strong, mentally twisted and very loyal to Yakumo's father. She proves her twisted personality through the fact that some of her only lines in the anime consist of her delighting over the fact of hurting others or rather 'breaking' them. she was the only survivor of a massacre at her family home, it was believed that she was a victim but in fact she was the murderer. Her father molested her as child, her describing the events as "loving me in the secret room and she was happy to eat her fathers PENIS thats why she gone insane, later on episode 13 there will be a scene where she was rape by her own father in the secret room and that scene was posted on HENTAI in ." She deludes herself that her father was the only one who "truly loved" her.She shows a liking for the song London Bridge, singing it in English.

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